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So much to see that trying to organize and upload pictures just isn’t working out the way I’d like it to. Or I just take too many pictures and need to do this all when I get back. So for now, I guess I’ll just post highlights.

Sept. 1 – We began our travels in Orlando.

Orlando Airport


We stopped in Philadelphia, but forgot to take pictures at the airport. We’ll be going back the same way, so we’ll do it then. We checked in with our Air France reservation online so that we could get our seats already and print our boarding passes at Heathrow.

Sept. 2 – Lay over in London. No prob with the boarding passes, or anything, in fact. Trip very smooth so far. Ate at Garfunkel’s. Decent food, nice waiter.


We’ve arrived! The Air France plane over from London was filled with French people…who barely spoke. I’ve never been on such a quiet plane in my life. We were almost afraid to speak! As it was, we kept our voices really, really low.

At the airport it was the first time I was hit by the smell of body odor. Not a lot of talking still, though of course more than in the plane, while waiting in line to get our passports checked. That went smoothly. It was at this point that we hit our first bump in the road. We were a bit confused as to the directions explained in our email to the area to get the Super Shuttle. We asked a very nice man outside where the buses and taxis picked up people, and he gave us some instructions, but he said we could use the phones and the call was free. We needed to call for our shuttle, but the phone wasn’t working as expected.

We then asked at the information desk and got instructions, but the woman was impatient with us for being too stupid to understand the phone. When I used it as she directed, I discovered the call was going to cost 5E30 (don’t know where the euro symbol key is yet on my computer), so I hung up. We went to the guy at the Disneyland desk, who was super nice (well, of course, he represented Disney, so he had to be nice) and he called our shuttle for us.

We waited for about 40 minutes, when finally a guy approached us from a black mini van with no markings. Two wary women thought it suspicious and made sure we saw some sort of indication he was for real. He was looking on an iPad and had headphones, and asked if we were waiting for the Super Shuttle. That in itself should have comforted us, but I asked to see what he was looking at on the iPad and saw my name and address where we were going. He understood, and he was a VERY nice driver. Born in Paris to an Indian family, he wanted to leave and live in America.


Eiffel Tower 1st sighting

Eiffel Tower 1st sighting


City traffic at night

City traffic at night


Hôtel des Invalides

Hôtel des Invalides – Napolean’s Tomb – a block from our hotel


We finally got to the hotel at nearly 10 pm. I expected to be here at about 8 or 8:30. Sigh. We were beat. The concierge was awesome, though, and the hotel very charming and clean.

Hotel Muguet Website

Sept. 3 – After breakfast (they do a nice breakfast here with lots of typical American choices because a lot of Americans stay here) in the tiny dining room looking out to an equally tiny courtyard garden (Hotel Muguet), we hit the town for reconnaisance. I’ll tell about Day 1 in my next post.

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