Study Group begins August 4

I posted the date, time, and place of the first meeting of the new format on our meetup site. A few days after I posted it I received word that not only did I get a new job, I get to keep my old one, that of adjunct professor. What that means is that I’m scheduled to teach a class at the same time that I scheduled the study group. I don’t start that class until the end of August, so for now, the time stands. If it looks like the new study group is going to get off the ground, we can discuss a new day when we get together.

For the first meetup we will begin with the July 20-22 posts of the site One Thing in a French Day. A link to the site will always be in the link list at the top left. To the right are links to its Twitter feed.

I will be uploading an accompanying study guide file to the meetup group’s file archive each week. See you in August!

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